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Why Are They Ghosting Me? 4 Common Reasons Prospects Are Ghosting You

Isn't it frustrating to get an inquiry, respond right away and then... not hear back? Or you did have some back and forth messages and then... it goes quiet? You've been ghosted! Alan literally wrote the book "Why are they ghosting me?" and in this session he'll share some of his tips for banishing the ghosts!

What you'll learn:

  • 4 reasons why they're ghosting you, and how to fix them

  • How and when to move them to a call or meeting/tour

  • When, how and how often to follow up

  • When it's time to move on


You Down With O.P.P.? - Obsessively Pricing for Profits

What if you could make it easier for your customers to buy, which makes it easier for you to sell? How much time would that save you, and how much more profit could that make your company? This session will help you see a different path to selling more weddings and events, at higher profits for you. You'll walk away knowing the answers to these questions:

  • Which is better, packages or a-la-carte pricing?

  • Should you put pricing on your website?

  • Are you maximizing your calendar inventory for profit?


Stop Selling and Help Them Buy The Experience

Whether you love selling or hate it, without it you don't have a business... you have a hobby! Differentiating yourself, so you can profit more, is about moving away from selling products and services, and selling the results, and the experience that they can only get from you.

Come to this session and hear:

  • How to get the customer to focus on what's really important (and it's not price)

  • How to show what's different about you than the others in your area, so you can profit more!

  • Where to express your USP - Unique Selling Proposition


AI Simplified - Are you using AI? Your competitors are.

In this workshop, attendees will learn about the potential of AI technology to drive business growth, increase efficiency, and drive innovation. Our speaker and facilitator, Kendra Ramirez, will provide an overview of AI and its impact, use cases and pitfalls. Attendees will also have the opportunity to engage in interactive discussions and gain insights on how to incorporate AI into their business strategy.
- Understanding the basics of AI technology and its impact on the business landscape
- Identifying the different applications of AI in businesses and their benefits
- Developing a strategy for incorporating AI into their business to drive growth, increase efficiency, and stay ahead of the competition.



Best Wedding Ever – Live!
Chris Shelley brings his popular book to life, showing how to incorporate anticipation, surprise and a theatrical mindset to create a memorable ceremony and an unforgettable wedding. He’ll show how the ceremony is a wedding event’s first impression, and how to make it a good one.

Chris will show how specific storytelling about the couple during the wedding can set the tone for the entire celebration. He’ll share the best ways to tease the right information out of your couples, the best way to shape that information into a slick narrative, editing tricks to help maximize the power of every word in the ceremony, and speaking tips for commanding a room.

And most fun of all, Chris will lead the audience through a mock processional, showing ways he likes to make the ceremony theatrical, unpredictable and meaningful for all.

 Nobody is more enthused about the powerful potential of a ceremony than Chris. He balances performance with dignity, electrifying the experience of a wedding ceremony while respecting traditions, cultures and varied belief systems. His passion for officiating is inspiring, his energy is contagious and he wants his bright spirit to lead the way for professional and aspiring officiants for decades to come.



SOLD! How to close every time by selling the only product you’ll ever need… Yourself!

Imagine if every time you spoke with a potential client it felt like talking to an old friend.

Doug Ziegler is going to show you how to take the art of conversation and transform it into the only way to speak to clients. Doug uses his ability to navigate a conversation in any direction the client wants to take it, while still keeping it pointed towards the end goal... Closing. 

Despite having been in sales for over 30 years, Doug has never made a sale in any traditional way in his life. He is the least sales-y salesman you will ever meet. Doug's background in performing and improv allows him to adapt to any situation without stress or concern. He will show you how to guide each conversation and throw away your "Sales Pitch." 

Stop making sales and start having real conversations!

Create Unique Social Media Content with a Blueprint to Styled Photo Shoots 

Discover the art of creating unique social media content.  Brenda will guide you through the process of planned styled photo shoots that excite your audience. All types of vendors will learn how to weave storytelling into your content strategy to make an impact in your wedding market to increase exposure and boost sales.

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